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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bareground Weed Control?

Bareground weed control is a method to control vegetation on a site by applying certain herbicides.

Examples of High Visibility Sites for Bareground ​Weed Control:

  • Fenced in Well Sites

  • Homes adjacent to Well Sites

  • Roadways leading to Well Sites

  • High fire hazard areas

Bareground Weed Control Safety Benefits Include:

  • Reduces FIRE Hazards

  • Reduces the risk of self injury, such as tripping and falls

  • Protects company trucks & tools

  • Lowers maintenance costs on site

  • Helps keep grazing animals off the site

  • Eliminates hiding places for rodents/snakes

**All Bareground work done on site is guaranteed for one year from the date of chemical application. ​

***Guarantee will become void due to any ground disturbance such as:  Digging, Raking, Dragging, Backfilling, Plowing, etc...

What are Noxious Weeds?

Noxious weeds are plants that are not native to our area. Most have come from Europe or Asia either accidentally or as ornamentals that have escaped. These plants have an advantage because the insects, disease and animals that would normally control them are not found in our area. Because these plants have developed specialized mechanisms to survive, they are able to spread at an alarming rate.


How Noxious Weeds Move - 

Noxious weeds are spread by man, animals, water and wind.

Prime locations for Noxious weeds to become established include:

  • Disturbed sites such as roadsides

  • Sites recently cleared for construction

  • Wetlands and riparian corridors

Noxious weeds also hitchhike on vehicles, equipment and in commodity shipments.​

**Most noxious weeds are transported by domestic and/or wild animals

Who are your typical customers?

We are focused on the Industrial/Right of Way and Commercial customer base. 

The majority of our customers and contracts are in the following areas:

  • Oil Fields

  • Oil Refineries 

  • Gas sites

  • Pipeline right of ways

  • Utility right of ways

  • Power utility sites

  • Forestry

  • State and County roadsides

  • Pre-pave and Post-pave parking lots

  • Solar and Wind fields

  • Transmission Stations and right of ways

  • Large commercial business sites

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